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Introduction & Requirements

EVPA members are invited to submit their top success stories to showcase innovative solutions that they’ve supported using the Venture Philanthropy approach!


  • You must be an EVPA member (more information here);
  • You must have social impact results to demonstrate the success of your story; and
  • You must be supporting the investee for at least 2 years.

Please note we will give priority to investments that have run for long enough to be able to show social impact results. You will receive a confirmation that your form has been submitted. We will then have a look at your story and will contact you if it is selected to be published on our website.


  • VPO/SI: Venture Philanthropy Organisation / Social Investor
  • SPO: Social Purpose Organisation / Investee

Background Information

Venture Philanthropy Organisation / Social Investor

Social Purpose Organisation / Investee

Success Story Contact

The social challenge and solution

The VPO's Support